Re: What to ask a surgeon when you go for a consult?

From: Lisa (
Tue Sep 6 17:07:59 2005

I and many others will swearr by the "abdolift" or gasless surgery. It has been proven that in many many people gas is a contributing factor in forming adhesions!! It makes long surgeries, which most adhesiolysises are with a skilled surgeon, the gas is pumped in under high pressure, dries out the enviornment causes the enviornment to turn acidic and causes cell death...and what do our bodies do when this happens? We form adhesions to protect it!! In my opinion ,many of us who can readily, easily form adhesions need EVERY advantage we can get on our side when we finally submit to surgery! Besides using gasless laparoscopy, SprayGel and a highly skilled, experienced surgeon has by far shown the very best results anywhere!! Proven!! My opinion, Lisa G

At Fri, 2 Sep 2005, Robin M wrote: >
>Dear Ivy,
>I am only speaking for myself here, but I don't like the idea of the
>"abdolift". I myself went to Germany and had surgery with Spray Gel.
>The Dr there has over 25 years of researching and removing adhesions. I
>talked to him about the CO2, and he told me that the risk of it causing
>more adhesions was so small that it was not a consideration.

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