pain, cramping, C, D, and feeling isolated

From: michelle (
Tue Sep 6 17:06:12 2005

i am feeling very isolated from my abdominal pain, constipation, diarhea, etc. Every time i see a new doctor, or they can't figure anything out, and i am made to feel it is all in my head, i start to believe them! ANYONE ELSE!?!? Isn't this rediculous?! I have started to doubt myself, feeling that i should just shut up and live with it, but the last time i tried to do that, i had severe bowel obstruction because of the adhesions....

i just saw my doctor yesterday, actually for an ear infection, but she could see how much i was in pain from my abdomen, and how my blood pressure was raised from the pain, she is now referring my to the mayo.

i am so relieved, and scared at the same time, isn't that SO STUPID?!?! i am so greatful that someone isn't just pawning me off again, and that i will see doctors in ONE SPOT, and not all over the state. The doctors will actually talk to each other, WOW! But then again, i am so affraid to hear "it's all in your head", or "your just stressed", or "just add fiber to your diet".... and to spend all that money....

i know i am just freaking out, and negative self-talking, but i need some reasurrance and some advice on how to relax, how to prepare, and what to bring with me. I am making a list of everything, every test, every symptom, even tho i know my doctor will do the same, i want to have my own. I have also been taking pictures of my abdomen (i know that sounds weird, but i have developed a dimple over the past few months), and will bring those, and i will bring along my weight loss record.... can anyone think of anything else?

thank you for reading this, and thank you in advance for any advise.

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