Re: At my wits end

From: Melody (
Fri Sep 2 18:20:38 2005

Thanks to everyone that replied to my post. It's nice to know I am not alone but it is also rather frightening to know that there are hardly any doctor's out there familiar with this issue. My doctor won't refer me to pain management like some of you suggested. He said they don't treat people with "my kind" of pain. My gastro spends all of 30 seconds with me and said, FIBER, ANTI-SPASMODICS AND PAIN PILLS should do the trick but didn't volunteer either of the latter two. I am taking Lorcet for pain and it doesn't really work but makes me doped up enough so that I don't mind the pain so much. If anyone knows of a doctor in the Los Angeles area that is good with this subject, please post their information.

Again, thanks to all for the support!!

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