Re: Todays fun

From: Odette (
Sun Jul 31 18:27:54 2005

Hi Rach,

I had a similar episode twice, a pain that looked a bit like a contraction. The pain was in my abdomen as well as my back. It lasted twice for about 1 to 2 hours. One of those times, the man who cleans my windows was here and i had to lie down in the living room with the heating pad and i could still feel the pain. It was a delicate situation. I couldn't go in my bedroom, anyway, he had to clean it. I almost went to the ER and decided to wait. I hated that episode and never want to live another one. My family doctor told me to always keep an anema at home in case it happens again. I don't understand why because i had gone those mornings, not much, but still. Well Rach, let's pray it never happens again. Odette

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