Re: pain from ruptured appendix is it

From: Laurie (
Sun Jul 31 18:27:10 2005

Hi Lee!

I had my appendix out also and I did continue to have pain. Three years later I had female- related problems that were giving me some major problems. Turns out that when my appendix was taken out, they had to take out a lot of endometriosis adhesions to get to it. It would have been nice had I known about the endometriosis and if I had been told - but instead I had to wait until the problem was an emergency before the problem was dealt with basically an emergency hysterectomy. You can get endometriosis on your appendix which is what happened to me. At the time the appendix was taken out I guess it was so gangerous it just fell off into the surgeon's hand.

Ask for the surgical report. That will give some clues as to what else might have been there at the time of the surgery. If nothing seems apparent on the report - by all means make a point of asking the surgeon what he saw in there because he would know if you had endometriosis or not.


At Wed, 27 Jul 2005, Lee Knight wrote: > >I had my appendix taken out back in the 80s,about >thirty years ago.the scar is big at one end,but two >weeks ago i got punched in the stomach and now im >getting pains in my side where i had my appendix out.

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