Re: what next?

From: Ann Marie (
Sun Jul 31 18:24:36 2005


Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, it did make me feel better. You made me realize that this is the only way my kids have known me too. My daughter was 5 when it started so she really doesn't remember much. We do things together like watching movies while mommy lays in bed or playing a board game or even toon town on the computer (I have a lap top). My husband, I have to admit, is very supportive. He does do a lot around the house to help me but no matter what I still feel guilty. I have been pain free for 3 months. Seems like that is the amount of time "clean out" surgery gives me.

You are so right stop worrying about when to come off the pain pills and just worry about today. The pain makes me very depressed and the fact that no one understands. When I told my mother the pain was back, she said "You will always have a twinge, I do". She has had a twinge every now and then after her hysterectomy. I was ready to scream when she said that. I would give anything if it was only a twinge. She just keeps saying she wants me off the pain pills. She won't accept that I may end up taking them for a very long time. I have been on them 5 years now.

Well, here I go again with a long post. Thanks again so much. I really like being able to talk to people who understand. Thanks again.

Ann Marie

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