Re: My Update - from Rach

From: DT (
Sun Jul 31 18:23:49 2005

I would never judge you, but I will say that for me, I only wish I could have surgery as many times as you can or appear to be able to...I have had 12 in about 14 years and right now I can't find a Dr. who will touch me - its been three years and I'm back to losing weight, practically bed-bound and I don't know whats going to happen. I have no life left, yet the Dr.'s say they won't do the surgery because my adhesions are so massive they can't see. I'm at high risk for complications as a result.

Good luck to you. Everyone has to make their own choice and I wish you the best.


>----- Original Message ----- From: (Rach) Subject: Re: My Update - from Rach >

I actually have a really AMAZING pain management doctor. It doesnt matter what the pain management doc does, my adhesions progressively get worse causing me to be on such high doses of pain meds that the pain meds dont work anymore.

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