Re: My Update - from Rach

From: ladybugs (
Sun Jul 31 18:30:41 2005

Thank you everything you said I do believe .people think I am crazy for having so many but if it give me relief for a short time that's more than I can ask for I have had over 20 operations .some give any were from 3 weeks to 6 months but even the short relief is something I look for .as of now I cant find a doc to touch me I have a good family doc that gives me my pain meds but these go only so far there are days the pain is so bad I just want to die .all the surgeons that sis the operations say I wont go in too much work what kind of bull is that .two sent me letter saying cant see you anymore nothing else can be done what cowards couldn't even tell me to my face .if anyone know a good surgeons in mo that would be a good help as long

as I haven't seen them before .I have a hernia that pop out so bad no one would help well what you say is right you go and let it out hope for pain free Alaina

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