Pelvic/back muscle dysfunction and scar tissue?

From: mm (
Wed Jul 27 21:01:59 2005

I thought I had posted a message to the forum but don't see it here, so I'll try again. I posted once a few years ago about my long-term pelvic/back pain saga pursuant to a traumatic childbirth in which I sustained a 4th degree tear and an SI joint injury.

After so many dead end diagnoses, I seem to be brought back to "scar tissue" as a culprit. Recent local anesthetic injections into the accessible scar tissue (intravaginal) have at least temporarily stabilized my hypermobile left SI joint after several years of pt and a course of prolotherapy failed.

I have severe pain 24/7. It is exacerbated by activity. My psoas muscles are particularly involved. I am beginning to wonder if there might be scar tissue between the psoas and the colon; is that even a possibility?

I have recently been seeing a somewhat famed pt who does "visceral manipulation". She has noted each of my three visits that my uterus seems to be "stuck" in some way. I had surgery for extensive endometriosis in 1979 which was successful. The pain I have now is nothing like that pain was. The OB/GYN who did an exploratory laparoscopy in 1993 said that while I had "diffuse" endometriosis, he could see nothing in terms of that or adhesions that was significant enough to account for my symptoms. He was not an expert in endo or scar tissue.

If I move the wrong way, or drive for too long or who-knows-what, my psoas muscles will seize up, pull the pelvic floor muscles with them and it feels as if my entire gut is being squeezed (probably because it is!) I can't have a bowel movement and really can hardly pee when things are at their worst. I have tried basically every conservative form of intervention. The slight success I've had with the injections to the scar tissue make me wonder if there's more to be done in that realm.

I would appreciate any information, any referrals, any input...


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