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From: Ann Marie (blueis88@optonline.net)
Wed Jul 27 21:00:48 2005

Hi there. I am very new to this forum. Basically my story is as follows. I am 37. I had a c-section when my son was born. The placenta grew into my uterus. They needed to perform an immediate hysterectomy. Approximately one month after that I started with the severe pain on my right side. Feels like a knife piercing straight through to my back. Went for an ultrasound and they found cysts and blamed the pain on that. They said the cysts would go away and so would the pain. Five years later it is still there. Since that time I have suffered from so many cysts which make the pain unbearable. I was sleeping with a heating pad on all the time. Constantly unable to do things that I love. Doc removed my ovaries to try to help. A remnant of an ovary was stuck to my bladder. It seems that the remnant was causing more cysts. I started seeing a new doc for help. I have been in the hospital 4 times this year. I have had a cyst drained 3 times. After the third drainage the doc went in to, as I put it, do a "spring cleaning". He was able to remove the remnant and unstick all my organs. That was back in April.

I have been on pain meds since. (I ended up with a massive infection at the incision site and had an open wound for 6 weeks).

I finally have started weaning myself off the meds. The pain is back and so are the cramps like when I would have a cyst. It hasn't gotten me over the edge yet, but what to I do when it does. At this point I know there isn't much else they can do. So I guess I am asking what do I do? I feel as though all I am doing is complaining and no one wants to hear it. All my mother says is I can't wait until you throw your pain meds out. She doesn't want to hear that it still hurts. Hubby is very supportive but I feel so guilty. I get so depressed and feel so worthless. Not good for my kids. I guess this is long enough. If you got this far, Thanks for listening.

Ann Marie

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