Re: Homeopathy

From: Rach (
Mon Jul 11 22:38:52 2005

I have had pain management docs who wouldnt give me meds & insisted I do alternative stuff. I know that for some people things like Accupuncture & Accupressure help. Also, there are some energy works like RiKi (don;t know the spelling) & Consegrity, that can also help. I know some people who swear by alternative meds. Personally, it didnt work for me. It didnt hurt me any, but it also did not help me any. I believe in trying it, if you can. If you are able to get off painkillers & try the homeopath stuff, I suggest you go for it. have to go in with an open mind. It works for some.


At Thu, 7 Jul 2005, SHARON ALLSWORTH wrote: > >Has anyone tried homeopathic rememdies for pain >from adhesions?

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