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Mon Jul 11 22:38:36 2005

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I have had surgeries done by "Adhesion Specialists" and still got them back. Some people have claimed success with the Spray Gel but there are others that it did not work for.

My own opinion is that Pain Management is our option at this time.

I cannot stress enough that if you keep having surgery after surgery, you could end up in a lot worse shape.

If you do decide to have another surgery, maybe you could try one last time with an adhesion specialist not just any surgeon.

Pain Management is no picnic. It does not help with all of the pain and other problems associated with adhesions but it is better then nothing.

Massage, Mental Health Counseling, Low Impact Exercise or some things you can do.

I myself have finally accepted that I probably won't ever be able to hold a job again unless there is a cure and that has been very hard.

I would think that the "hip to hip" surgery would not be good for adhesions but of course I am not a dr. You always hear the least Invasive surgery is the best. Kelly

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Hi- I am looking for advice and opinions on surgery vs. pain management.

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