Re: Getting pregnant with Adhesions-is it safe?

From: Rach (
Sun May 29 18:12:50 2005

I was trying to get pregnant with adhesions. I was trying IUI with a donor because I am divorced. What I was told is that it might be more difficult to get pregnant & that the pregnancy might be painfull, but that there is no problem with doing it. There are pain meds that are safe during pregnancy. Perocet is one of the meds most often used.

I had a pain management doc as well as a fertility doc. If it had worked I would have had it all set up. Also, you might be considered high risk if you have adhesions. Even if you are not considered high risk, I would suggest using a high risk OB becuase you dont know how the adhesions would affect labor & delivery.


>Behalf Of >Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 7:36 PM >Subject: Re: Getting pregnant with Adhesions-is it safe? > >Hi Sarah, >I have been told that when you are pregnant adhesions can get pulled >away from what they are stuck to from a growing belly. I would still >find out from my obgyn and since the uterus is involved, I would bet >you need to clear that up before going on. Good luck. > > Marilyn

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