Adhesion tests

From: Tami Schneider (
Sun May 29 18:11:48 2005

Hello, Ive been reading through the post and most if not all think that the only way to check for adhesions is a laporoscopy.Ive had a 3-D catscan which showed a adhesion on my small bowel wall Last month.Last nov.

I had a MRI with IV contrast on the L-5 virtabra which showed a small adhesion which had formed 6 months after back surgery.I never had a laporoscopy to diagnose adhesions.I dont know why drs. say this.I had to fight my dr. for the script to get the 3-D catscan b/c he had the same old thinking no tests can conform adhesions except laporoscopy.

I eventualy had to bring in the radiology report from the mri on my back to show him an adhesion was detected and he had to speak to the radiologist before he gave me the script for the 3-D.

Kind Regards,Tami

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