Sat May 7 18:19:03 2005

HI EVERYYONE yes I am new here but have been sick for 12 years since I had a hysterectomy. ...see my quilt page...... anyway finally a doctor believes me and wants to do sugery my problem is this....the last time I had surgery i almost died.... I have chiari malformation in the brain and I now have Multilple chemical sensitivities and am allergic to all drugs and smells and foods it is just aweful.... I tried to explain my allergies to the anesthesiologist the other day when doing the preop stuff but he just looked at me like I was nuts and he had the attitiude of " oh well once she is asleep I will do what I want and she wont know hte difference.....

I am really scared.... I had a minor surgery 2 years ago and the anesthesiiologist was just like that and he almost killed me.........please give me some advice...thanks to all....

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