Re: Adhesions after 4 c-secions, they want to do surgery

Sun May 1 15:32:28 2005

At Sun, 30 Jan 2005, International Adhesions Society wrote: I recently went to my doctor for pelvic pain, specifically on one side. It worsens during ovulation and just feels like my insides are being ripped apart.

Michelle: I too have scar tissue from three cesarians. I suffered for 13 years and had many medical tests before transfering doctors. I had my first laproscopy about 2 1/2 years ago and now the pain is back. My laproscopy was performed through three very small incisions that I can hardly see today... my doctor did not go in through my cesearian scar and never suggested it. I have pain in my lower back now where previous scar tissue was removed and a sever pulling pain in my upper abdomen at time when I twist or bend...also where previous scar tissue was removed.

Upon first transfering doctors, because my most severe pain always occurred during ovulation, he suspected endometrosis...this was not the case. My pain is all related to scar tissue. The pain in my lower abdomen is back during ovulation and last for about three days every month. During this time, I get constipated as well and the pain goes all the way around into my rear where it is even uncomfortable to sit.

Also during this time I feel like I have a bladder infection with alot of pressure. Itercourse during this time is simply out of the question... it is extremely painful.

I am not certain how long I can last this time with the pain before I once again go in for another laproscopy to remove the scar tissue. I had about a year and a half pain free and felt great, but over the past year it has slowly returned. From what I understand, this could be a lifelong struggle.

I guess the only thing we can ask ourselves is "how much pain can we live with before we decide to get a small period of releif?" I hope this helps...feel free to e-mail me at: if you would like to talk. Lynn

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