Re: Needing support

From: Jake something (
Sun Feb 27 16:14:30 2005

I know how you feel most women ihave met are older than me and because i am younger doctors have a harder time accepting that i can feel the way i do.... but honestly the days i feel better aren't nearly as hard as the ones i feel worse.. on the bad ones it helps if i find something to keep me busy weather its an online project ie loooking for downloads or chat rooms or reading a book or talking to friends.... it don't help the pain but it helps me keep from thinking about it as much.... but alone you are not that is for sure i have found that out myself after i started looking thru messages from this board and a few others i realized that there are alot of us with various types of pain for various reasons.

im on yahoo alot thruout the night and evening.. jakeftm feel free to send me a message anytime or illinoiseboi on aim

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