Re: Adhesions & Lower Back Pain

From: Terri (
Sun Feb 20 13:11:15 2005

Hello, I am a 53 yr old working as an optician in Medford, Ore....have ha a radical hysterectomy in 2000..I was full of endrometeosis and later got horrible adesions.that were so painfull they tended to pull me down forward by days end.... after extensive phsyical therapy and such it seemed to get better, for awhile then ablut 3 yrs ago it came back with a vengence, doctor..I have been to 12 doctors with the hip area pain that goes down my right leg...pulling and heaviness also...thet have given me injections of cortizone in my hip and even thought I might have bone cancer....but nothing...I now believe it is adhesions coming back, what type of testing can we do for this.....I am in so much pain..and am tied of medication and heating pads......please help me if you can......thanks so much... Terri in Oregon

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