Gallbladder adhesion/stone problems, possible?

From: Lisa (
Fri Feb 18 08:02:24 2005

glad to find this website. Quick story on me: Long history with endometriosis, ovarian cysts, going back to the early 1990's. Went undiagnosed, like many.

Started having severe gallbladder pains, too. Finally got to a good doc, who did first lap in 2000. Multiple cysts on both ovaries and a rotten gallbladder, with minimal endo on ovaries. Removed gallbladder, removed endo and cysts.

Pain came back a year or so later. Had another lap. Cysts, again, with endo spreading, adhesions galore, including where gallbladdder used to be, etc.

Since that time, things got really bad, to the point where I finally had a hysterectomy, via the laparascope, on January 11th. I was also having really bad pain in and around my lower right ribcage area, spreading to my back, to my shoulder blades, etc. Just like the old gallbladder attack pains.

Told my gyn/surgeon about it, but he kept saying it was probably "refracted pain" from the female stuff My uterus was enlarged, and I was suffering with migraines, painful periods, heavy bleeding, etc. When he went in, my right ovary was adhered to my abdominal wall, endo was all over everything, my colon was shoved up under my ribcage, my left ovary was floating around, both were filled with cysts. The uterus had endo inside, also.

Well, the hysterectomy went well and I have been healing quite nicely.

However, the pains in my upper right quadrant have not gone away. I wanted a general surgeon to go in and look at my gallbladder area for new adhesions, etc., but this surgeon didn't feel it was warranted. If I heard him say, "refracted pain" one more time...

The pains got so bad, over the weekend, that I could not sleep and I had no appetite. I thought I might have had a kidney stone, since the pain was in my right upper back, on my side, etc. Lortabs were doing nothing for the pain.

finally took myself to my General doc today. Told her what was happening. She agreed with me. She thinks the pain is either adhesion pain, surrounding my gallbladder/liver area, or she thinks there is a gallstone stuck in one of the ducts left behind after my gallbladder removal. I asked her if she thought the pains were from my colon being up under my ribcage, and she said if it had been from that, the pain should be gone by now.


I just get finished with major surgery, and I may be looking at another one really fast. This time, I want a surgeon who knows what the hell they are doing.

She advised me to see my GI doc, asap. Has anyone had this experience?

The pain is on my right side, under my ribcage, but near my stomach too, and it wraps around into my back and through my shoulder blades and on my right side. I don't want to eat, because I feel like I have something stuck inside of me.

Are there any good general ARD docs in Atlanta? I know there are some Endo ARD docs, but what about general surgeons?? I'm so upset about this and thought this was over, but I guess it is not. It's very painful, but at least she gave me some good pain meds.

Thanks for the vent. sorry that all of us have to deal with this adhesion stuff. They are wicked.


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