Dr. Clark Gerhart

From: sandy (sandrahippie@msn.com)
Sun Feb 6 22:59:58 2005

I havn't been on the message board for about a year so I thought I would check in. I am a past patient of Dr.Clark Gerhart and I had surgery in Dec. 2003. I found out about Dr. Gerhart from this site after over three years of mis-diagsis from over eleven doctors who wouldn't listen to me. If any one on this site has adhesion trouble, cyst, abdominal problems or acute undiagnosed pain, PLEASE! consider contacting Dr. Gerhart in Pa. I have now been pain free for over a year and I will never let another doctor touch me again unless I head to Pa. and Dr. Gerhart. Women are tired of being opened up and "practiced" on by doctors who are not qualified to do the necessary surgery. Read up on Dr. Gerhart and his exemplary career.

I had to have a bowel resection and severe adhesion removal. I too was at the point before surgery I didn't think I would make it through another severe attack of pain. I am in my fiftys and have had problems since my teens.There is help and a qualified doctor who will not only listen but has the knowledge and ability to do the complicated surgerys that women need. I wish everyone well and hope you will seek help like I did and I am very thankful for this web site because it saved me. Sandy

Sandra Eastwood

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