Re: uterus adhesions to abdominal wall

From: Elayne (
Sun Feb 6 22:58:57 2005

Hi Marie and others, I just wanted to say that my dr also had complained of how long the surgery took, and that it took several hours instead of the scheduled 45 minutes. He is very reluctant to do surgery again, but I'm starting to wonder how much is because it will be so time consuming and non-profitable for the surgeon and how much is because surgeon is not skilled/knowledgeable enough.

I'm sorry to hear of your experiences but I'm glad you wrote about them because now I don't feel so alone. Elayne

At Sun, 30 Jan 2005, Marie wrote:

>My entire pelvic area is filled with adhesions. I believe this
>surgery is extremely time consuming and when doctors get in there and
>realize how much work is to be done, they back out. The surgery took
>twice as long as was scheduled.

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