Re: adhesions wrapping around small intestine

From: Jeff (
Fri Feb 4 20:47:59 2005

Karen, I also have severe adhesions. I originally had surgery in 1962.

I had to have surgery to remove an obstruction caused by adhesions in 1972. I then went almost 30 years without any major problems. In the last 4 years, though, I have had to have 4 surgeries for the same thing.

All I can say is that the potential is always there. You just have to go about your life as best as you can. I try not to worry about the adhesions. If they cause an obstruction again, then I'll have to deal with it. According to the surgeon who operated last, I am not a candidate for additional surgery, as my adhesions mask my intestines so completely that he can not tell one end from the other. Obviously, based on the above, no one can predict if you are going to have additional problems. Wish I could give you better news, but we have to be realistic.

Good Luck!!!

At Wed, 2 Feb 2005, karen wrote: >
>i have had severe adhesions for several years.

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