Adhesion barriers

From: International Adhesions Society (
Tue Feb 1 19:36:00 2005

Sender: (Michelle Hernandez) Subject: Adhesion barriers

I just stumbled across this site. I have had 7 surgeries within a year's time...the 7th was last week for removal of granulation tissue on the vaginal cuff...the doctor discovered two small pieces of a larger piece of SurgiWrap that he had put in place during my Hysterectomy in Sept 04. (July 04 he had done a Lap finding adhesions and Endometriosis, he treated the Endo at that time, and cut down the adhesions, by the time he went in again {sept 04} the adhesions were back, this was when he used SurgiWrap to block the two biggest adhesions.)

In October of 2004 he drained a hematoma that I had (from the hyst.) while he was in there he noticed the SurgiWrap in one spot had not dissolved, absorbed...etc; whatever it is it is supposed to do to disappear. So he removed it. The second piece I have can only be reached through a Lap...

Which brings us back to surgery #7; where he found two pieces of the SurgiWrap, with let me add: cells that my body is creating to fight this foreign body. I am in a lot of pain still, and this is why my very lengthy questions is: has anyone heard of Adhesion barriers not absorbing, or dissolving? Or heard of any complications caused by these barriers? Or side effects of these barriers? Thank you.


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