Re: uterus adhesions to abdominal wall

From: Marie (
Sun Jan 30 15:08:03 2005

I have had the very same experience. Same symptoms. I have had my uterus removed through laproscopic surgery. I was ready for the surgery and prayed it would take away my pain, however, I woke up from surgery with severe pelvic pain that has not subsided. My surgery was December 9, 2004.

My doctor believed the surgery would relieve the pain. When he got in there and saw that my cervix was attached to my bladder with adhesions, he took out my uterus and some adhesions and decided not even to go any further. My entire pelvic area is filled with adhesions. I believe this surgery is extremely time consuming and when doctors get in there and realize how much work is to be done, they back out. The surgery took twice as long as was scheduled. He even explained to me how it threw off his schedule for 3 days. I was crushed to think that his schedule was more important than my quality of life. However, even the best intentioned surgeons have only been able to give me temporary relief. I actually had 5 pain free months in 2003. Those were the best months I have had in the past 5 years. I felt like I was really living the life by just doing my day to day schedule as a Mom with 2 children.

I do have some advice, if you decide to have surgery, make sure the doctor uses a barrier after he romoves the adhesions, it's your only chance of having long term results. I hope your doctor has more heart than mine. He is the head of OBGYN at a very prominent hospital. I hope you have a positive experience and will be pain free in the near future. I hope the same for myself, however, it is unlikely at this point. Good Luck!

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>hello all - just wondering if anyone can give me any advice on uterus

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