Questions about Adhesions after a Hysterectomy

From: Jenny (
Sun Jan 30 15:06:15 2005

This is a generalized list of surgries to date

2 D&C's 2 Laparoscopies 1 C-Section Removal of my uterus due to fibroid tumor Removal of overies and tubes drainage of a blood clot after surgery

Since my hysterectomy I have experienced bloating, cramping and nausea.

I went to one doctor he said I had a cyst with fluid in it perscribed me pain meds and I never went back to him.The symptoms last for 6 months that is why I saw this doctor.

They come and go I usually have these symptons 1 a week at least however I have been bloated, cramping and nausea for a week now.

I live in East Texas now and don't know who I should go see for this. My husband said he thought my doctor who performed the hysterectomy(Arkansas doc) said I could get adhesions well I don't remember him saying that but I was deathly ill at that time anyway.

Will Adhesions cause these symptons and how do the doctors diagnosis adhesions? I am in desparate need for info and help.

Thank Jenny

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