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Sat Jan 29 21:37:16 2005

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Laurie, I am so sorry that you are suffering with this and also with finances. I know how a burden it is. There is a doctor in germany that operate out there. I know that it takes alot of money to have the procedure done. I have heard some good outcomes and also some bad. There are no cures for this disease. ARD.Only suggestions on how to handle the everyday pain. I have been seeing a pain specialist for 4 and a half yrs and I am very grateful for him. It has been 2 yrs and 2 mos since my last surgery. My goal is to stay away from surgery as much as possible because it will only cause more adhesions and more complications during surgery.Here are a few suggestions: 1- get involved in a support group in your area 2- try and see a pain specialist in your area to help you control your pain. 3- there is a website where 3 specialist can help you. I hope this helps you. If you ever need to talk, I am always here. Dee

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