Re: Hi there I am new here and in alot of pain

Mon Jan 10 09:12:49 2005

Cindy, i messed up last message. Sorry Let me sum it up. I believe it is all about hormones out of wack. Inflammation causes too much cortisol, Cortisol blocks out estrogen, testosterone... the key is too stop inflammation and regulate hormones. Naturally or with hormones RX My pain worsened and waned monthly. sometimes I buckled over in pain.

Adhesions from past c-section stuck to my bladder and caused infections,. Stuck to my bowel and caused bloating pain and constipation. Here's what helped me

_Goldenseal liquid- works on hormones, insulin, inflammation only for

3-4 days,3x a day. If pain recurs in a month I do it again.

_Nettle liquid- lowers inflammation,regulates estrogen via boron,stops cortisol which screws up all other hormones, 2x day for 2 days.

_Don Quai- capsules 2 daily x three days, Nature's Way, I say brand because others didnt help me. Don Q regulates hormones and stops cortisol, this often gives me a month of relief. If I feel it return I do it again.

Also I stopped foods that cause inflammation- all fermented, alcohol, wine, vinegar, canned tomatoes, lunchmeats, salad dressings, unless you made it with squeezed lemon and olive oil. No ASPARTAME!! (talk about inflammation)it is the worst!! NO EQUAL, diet drinks,candy gum. Go basic for a month.

I have friends who swear by Yasmin Birth control pill and got the same relief after 2-3 months.

Not all hormone replacement is the same---I have seen disasters on other stuff!!.

Since I have only seen good with Yasmin I think it is worth a try, if you don't want to go with my natural way. Good luck to you.

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