Earlier post-diet related

From: Julie H. (r7p@juno.com)
Mon Nov 29 22:08:54 2004

I read some earlier post, I forget date, which said someone was being helped by putting cooked cabbage in soup. They also said they stayed away from raw veggies. I wonder why this is? I thought raw veggies, or steamed veggies like brocoli, etc would help like roughage to make food pass thru bowels easier.

I had my 2nd abd surg 7mos ago where My bowels were stuck down in mass over ovary, where they could not tell ovary from bowel. Now I'm having same type pulling-tugging aches which also seem to radiate to my back in same area! I'm hoping I don't end up under knife again! Orig. surg was 25+ yrs ago for hysterectomy. I never had any probs and no pain before surg 7mos ago, they 'happened' to find mass when doing MRI for BACK PAIN!

They put intercede on opposite side over the one ovary I have left hoping to prevent adhesions. I'm not sure if they put it in area where all scarring was or not? I work IN SURGERY so have seen multiple surg's and scar tissue formation alot before, and don't like prospect of myself being similar type patient, yet seems I'm heading that way.

Has anyone also heard of if gentle massage of abdomen has any affect for loosening bowels up? I know if they are stuck bad this might not be good, as could possibly rupture area if obstructed. I wonder if any herb teas, or other dietary things might help? I have increased roughage like items: metamucil powder type thing in daily oatmeal, and increasing water ingestion. I still get plugged up and end up having to take stool softener or use enema bulb.

ANy ideas or thoughts on this would be appreciated. TKS!

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