Re: Spray Gel

From: Carmela (
Mon Nov 29 22:08:53 2004

It's taken 3 years to get a doctor to actually take me serious about opening me up to find out what the problem was. My PA told me I had issues and sent me to a counsler. I believe she was the one with the issues. In any case...they did find adhesions. I'm having a problem with the fact that with so may people in constant pain, they are sitting on this. I realize what a money maker adhesions are and wonder if that is the reason they are dragging their feet!

I think it's up to all of us to write to our congress or where ever we have to write to get the Spray Gel on the market! It has been tested everywhere and has had very good results. So what's the problem?? I'm getting tired of MY PCP making money off of my insurance.....while I can't do anything because I am so much in pain and am uncomfortable.

I had surgery 2 weeks ago and in the recovery room I SAW that my stomach was basically glued together again!!! I was hopeing things would get better and it was all in my head which I was getting used to hearing, but it is not and I'm sure I will be having surgery again soon. Does anyone know the best way to take this problem to the government?? I say enough testing....lets get it on the market so we can have some lives!!! If you have any answers.........please feel free to write.

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