Emergency Room

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Wed Nov 24 16:27:21 2004

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Dee, Thanks for the advice, I did have blood test done and they determined that I am not pregnant, unfortunately. I did find out that I can take 2-400 mg ibuprofen at once every 6 hours for pain while I wait to see my obgyn, it doesn't help much. Jen

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Jennifer, Thank-you for being concerned about me. I feel much better and I am taking something for the pain at home.

It sounds to me you may have a tubal pregnancy. You need to get a vaginal sonogram. It will definitely show if you have a tubal or not. I know from experience. I had a tubal pregnancy yrs back. So please, get help as soon as possible. You just don't know what may happen. Please!!!! Let me know how things are going. Dee

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