Re: Adhesions after gall bladder removal

From: Leesa (
Mon Nov 22 21:27:43 2004


My daughter is 15 and had her gall bladder removed with laproscopy in July 2004. She is a competitive swimmer and when she tries to train gets into so much pain. She doubles over and cannot stand up straight. Her surgeon told her to take panadol before she trains. The symptons settle down but she is extremely tender to touch. The pain is actually worse than before her surgery. I like you have tried everything. I went to a natropath on the weekend and she seems to think it is adhersions. I know how you feel. Going to the GP in a couple of days again. Hope to find something then. Good luck and I will let you know of any prognosis.

At Sun, 21 Nov 2004, Sydney wrote:
>My daughter had her gall bladder removed with laproscopy in June 2004
>and has been suffering ever since with what I think are adhesions.  She
>has had every possible test available, and nothing shows up.

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