Re: Adhesions after gall bladder removal

From: Sheila Preston (
Mon Nov 22 21:31:07 2004

I know what your daughter is feeling. I too had my gallbladder removed and was told that would stop my pain. Big Joke!! My pain has been worse and it took me 16 years to get someone to tell me it was adhesions. I am now seeing a pain management doctor and it does help. It will at least get my by until I can find someone to fix it. But I too have trouble eating. I get so hungry I want to eat but I know the pain will follow. Tell her to try some crackers, just little bites. That is what I live on. If you would like to email me you can at

Always in hope, Sheila

-----Original Message----- Sent: Sunday, November 21, 2004 10:55 PM Sender: (Sydney) Subject: Adhesions after gall bladder removal

My daughter had her gall bladder removed with laproscopy in June 2004 and has been suffering ever since with what I think are adhesions. She has had every possible test available, and nothing shows up.

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