From: Heidi Flynn (
Sat Nov 20 16:13:15 2004

I have to say this site has filled me in, on, and about adhesions very well. I am an adhesion sufferer as well. I haven't been to work in six weeks due to the pain being so severe in my lower right quadrant. I had all the catscans and ultra sounds and signs of appendasitis. This is second time in 6 months ended up in a hospital bed for 3 days due to these symptoms. I told drs it is adhesions well finally i found one that will help me with removing appendix, ovary, and as many adhesions as possible. I have to say he truly understands the pain involved with these. He was very explanitory and helpful in the facts of adhesions. So i have to say some surgeons really know what we are going thru. Have faith and patience. There really are doctors out there that care. My surgery is scheduled for tuesday nov 23. I will let you know how it went and maybe this doctor can be some help to others. Thanks again so much, Heidi

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