Emergency Room

From: International Adhesions Society (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Sat Nov 20 16:12:08 2004

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Jennifer, Thank-you for being concerned about me. I feel much better and I am taking something for the pain at home.

It sounds to me you may have a tubal pregnancy. You need to get a vaginal sonogram. It will definitely show if you have a tubal or not. I know from experience. I had a tubal pregnancy yrs back. My husband at the time took me to the emergency room where they determined through tests that I was pregnant. Then there was a wonderful and compassionate female doctor who decided to do a vaginal sonogram and found that I definitely have a tubal pregnancy.She called in 2 surgeons that night and they tried to convince me to have surgery.

I said no, even though the surgeons told me that if I go home and the tube ruptures, there is a very good chance, I will bleed to death in 20 min. They had asked how far away do I live from this particular hospital, I said 30 min away. It was 3am in the morning and I was tired of being poke and proded. I just wanted to go home.The doctor gave my husband her private phone number at home just in case. Well when we got home, my husband decided not to change his clothes. He knew in his heart that he was going to have to take me back. Well he was right. At 9am, I was rushed to the emergency room where there were 5 doctors and surgeons waiting for me. I was rushed into surgery after some tests were done right away. They had to do an antemosis through the vagina and not the belly button, because of the previous surgeries I have had through there. It was extremely painful and I wanted to die. I was very greatful that they saved my life. I almost died.

So please, get help as soon as possible. You just don't know what may happen. Please!!!! Let me know how things are going. Dee

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