Successful surgery w/Dr. Reich 10/25/04

From: Karyn (
Sun Nov 14 14:17:01 2004

Hello to all,

I just wanted to post a message since my surgery with Dr. Reich in Wilkes-Barre, PA on 10/25/04. I am SO grateful for what he was able to do for me that other surgeons were not able to do. I did see a gynecological oncologist prior to my surgery with Dr. Reich and he would have tried to remove the adhesions and endometriosis with an open incision but I was not willing to go that route for a temporary fix and worse problems in the near future with adhesions again.

Dr. Reich made 5 very small incisions (laparoscopy) and removed a dense/thick layer of adhesions first. Apparently when he made the incisions he could see absolutely nothing but very thick adhesions. He took down the first layer and underneath that were additional adhesions engolfing my appendix, uterus, tubes, ovary, and intestines. Dr. Gerhardt removed my appendix and then Dr. Reich removed all of the adhesions around my organs. Then he got to the endometriosis. There were several (benign) endometriomas on my ovary and also my rectum. After removing the endometriosis he had to detach the rectum from my abdominal wall. He also removed lesions from inside the uterus. The surgery took 5 hours which was quite long but he did so much that I am not surprised. I spoke with him the day after surgery and he said he has done over 4,000 surgeries and does not recall ever doing so much in one surgery.

I knew the adhesions were bad and I am so grateful for what he was able to do for me. Although he does not participate with any insurance, I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone suffering with pain and can't find a doctor willing to take their problem seriously. His staff was so incredibly helpful and pleasant to deal with.

I am recuperating well from the surgery and don't feel those tugs, pulls and pains like I did before. I can even sneeze now without bending over in pain! I do realize that nothing is guaranteed and as we all know, adhesions can come back but I am confident of being pain free for many years to come considering how I felt before and how I feel now.

My hope is for many pain free days for EVERYONE!

~ Karyn

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