Adhesions and Hysterectomy

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Thu Nov 11 18:54:12 2004

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Karen, I too had problems like yours, except I never was able to have children. My period were becoming extremely painful and further more the ob/gyn couldn't even do a regular exam on me because of the pain I was in. So he suggested to do a lapartomy to take a look inside and see what is going on. I told him I need him to save as many organs as possible. He said he would try. After I woke up from surgery, the surgeon came in to tell my husband and I that I had 7 layers of adhesions wrapped themselves around my intestines and he had to take my intestines completely out and discect all of the adhesions from my intestines, plus he had to do a complete hysterectomy on top of all of that. He too had another surgeon with him just in case there complications which there was. I have really suffered ever since this surgery and paying for it dearly.

If the pain becomes unbearable, then you need to seek an adhesion specialist in your area. Where do you live? There is a website you can go to : There are 3 adhesion specialist who maybe able to help you. Another suggestion would be to seek a pain specialist in your area to help you cope with the pain.

I hope this advice will help you. If there is anything else I can do, let me know. Dee

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