Anyone experience these symptoms?

From: Sue (
Mon Nov 8 21:40:42 2004

Hello everyone. Five years ago, I had laparoscopic surgery which ended up being a 2 hour lap, trying to rearrange my anatomy due to adhesions (from endometriosis). My sigmoid was adhered to my left ovary which was all adhered to my pelvic sidewall. For four full months following surgery, bowel function was returned to totally normal. Then things went downhill. Since that time, I was also placed on Lupron (I'm so sorry I agreed to that). Anyway, I've had nothing but problems in the sigmoid area, I can feel the contents of my intestines moving, it feels as though there are nails running through there, it barely moves, I feel as though I have weights in my lower pelvis. I'm now menopausal, my pelvis and abdomen feel like its being torched, I get searing, stabbing-like pains in the left lower quadrant with this burning pain in my pelvis and abdomen and, my lower back. Last weekend I was admitted to the hospital due to wretching, incredible sweating, (not a hot flash) immense abdominal pain. I of course was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome for the umpteenth time by some, possible adhesions by another, possible intermittent bowel obstruction. I'm now not eating. Any of this sound familiar? I feel like I'm losing my mind. I have absolutely no quality of life. Please, someone tell me I'm not crazy.

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