HELP! Advice needed!

From: International Adhesions Society (
Sun Nov 7 17:50:40 2004

From: []On Behalf Of Subject: Re: HELP! Advice needed!

Julie, First of all, what state did you move too? Sounds to me this doctor you saw is an ass and needs to get off her pedestal. You need an adhesion specialist to be able to help you. I too was ignored and told that the pain I was having was all in my head and that I need to see a shrink. WRONG!!!!!

Adhesions are extremely painful and sometimes if not taken care of can cause death. I know that there is another website you can go to There are 3 adhesion specialist who know all too well what we are going through.

They maybe able to help you further. You should also consider seeing a pain specialist who maybe able to help you control the pain your in until you can seek further help.

But I just want to let you know from personal expierence, surgery is not the answer either. Surgery is just a temporary fix. There are many ways that you can live with this, first being to seek a pain managemen facility. Second would be to seek a nutrition specialist.

I will keep you in my prayers and hope this advice helps you. I am always here to listen. Dee

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