Second Surgery with Dr. Gerhart

From: International Adhesions Society (
Sun Nov 7 17:50:03 2004

From: []On Behalf Of Sent: Friday, November 05, 2004 6:43 PM Subject: Re: Second Surgery with Dr. Gerhart

Jeanne, I would love to meet you to sometime. It would be wonderful to have tea or something and discuss about our disability with ARD.

Unfortunately, I just can't afford to go on dissability because I have my own apartment and I can't rely on my family for financial support. My sister is in her own world with a new husbanc and in the process of purchasing a new home. She will be moving into the new home this coming Dec, so I dare not bother her with this. My mother who is on total social security disability, only has an income of $600 per month. She is also on section 8 housing. However, my mother fully understands all too well of my disease and wants me to get help. It is too costly for me right now. I have other bills to think about. I filed bankruptcy last year and I am now in the rears again in medical bills totaling around 7k. It is going to take me quite along time to pay off these debts and to be able to get my credit back on the good side again. I really don't mind being poor, it gives me a sense to appreciate what I have instead of what I don't have.

I even wrote to Donald Trump for financial assistance at one time and his staff answered back saying that they don't donate to personal problems and that they only donate to non profit organizations. I received the same response from Bill Gates as well. I guess this ARD is not important enough. I even sent them both copies of what ARD is all about and how some people have even committed sucicide from it.

I am working full time as a reservationist at [office info deleted for privacy] here in Tampa. I am on FMLA intermediate, which means that if the pain becomes unbearable at work, then I can sign myself out and go home.

My primary care doctor dropped me and told me that he no longer feels he can help me anymore. He says he has done everything he can possibly do for me. I have found another doctor who graduated from Dartmouth College and has alot more hospital priveliges through out the tampa bay area. So I hope it works out.

How are you holding up? I am glad that you have a wonderful husband who helps you and takes good care of you. That is very rare. You are very lucky. I am trying to get a support group going in the tampa bay area for people who have this disease. I believe in my heart that I can help others be able to cope with this and someday have the finances to go to Washington DC and speak with the house of reps and explain about ARD. I hope and pray you are doing well. Please forgive me for talking so much. I have the gift of gab. Sorry! Take care and God Bless, Dee

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