Re: Ilioinguinal Nerve Entrapment and Pain in Endometriosis (case

From: Ellen (
Tue Nov 2 07:26:04 2004

Hi, I had similar surgery for ilioinguinal and genitofemoral nerves, the doctor excised the nerves from the deep scar tissue and put the endings into the muscle. My question is t the recovery time and the type of rehabilitation exercies and the time frame that I can start these exercises? Additionally, I am an avid cyclist, runner, downhill skier and would like to regain the strength properly to continue these activities and not re-injure the nerves (i.e, pull them out of the muscle).

In particular, my case was advanced due to multiple surgeries prior to this including hernia repairs, oopherectomy, hysterectomy, cystectomy all on the right side. Also, the doctor my nerve anatomy was unusual in that the genitofemoral nerve was not in the usual place, and that is why he thinks that the previous surgeons in my prior surgeries possibly injured my nerves because they were not in the usual orientation or area. I have suffered horrible pain from these nerve entrapments similar to the case below. I do not want a reoccurence. Thanks

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