Re: Is This Adhesion Pain?

From: Ed (
Tue Nov 2 07:25:35 2004

It is very possible your pain is caused by adhesions. If your pain intesifies and localizes when having deep abdominal inspiration or when only stretching, and is of tearing character there is a possibility you have adhesions involving your diaphragm, liver, stomach and/or other abdominal organs. There is also some possiblity you are having some type of diaphragmatic hernia. Hernia usually is diagnosed using X-ray or endoscopic tests. Diagnosis for adhesions can be confirmed only when performing laparoscopy. I'm not a doctor, so I can't make diagnosis for you, but I have just noticed that your symptoms are very like to the symptoms I have been having for more than 11 years long.


At Sun, 31 Oct 2004, Angel wrote: >
>I have had upper abdomen pain for 1 1/2 yrs. It seemed to be located
>under my left rib and my drs had associated this with my severe
>scoliosis. I had scoliosis surgery in February 2004. The past 2 months
>the pain has gotten alot worse, and is extending downward. It sometimes
>feels like a dull pressure, and at times it is much more severe.
>Movement can cause the pain to be more prominent as well as breathing
>deeply. Since the pain started so high in my abdomen, I didn't even
>think about it being related to my endometriosis or adhesions until a
>few days ago. My pain is worse some days, but some level of pain is
>constant. It seems like I can wake up and know if I am going to have a
>good day or a bad day.

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