Re: Duragesic Patch??

From: Becky (
Sat May 22 19:37:43 2004


I use the Duragesic patch for my chronic pelvic pain and have also used it post op. It takes 12 hours from the time you put it on to reach the maximum effectiveness. I also notice that I start having pain again around 48 hours, so I change my patch every 2 days instead of every three (per my PM docs orders)

I have had great luck with the patch and pain relief. At times I still have to take oral meds for break through pain, but all in all it has been a great help to me.

There are two down sides to it though...One is the cost (I have terrible rx coverage and the patches are WAY expensive) And Two is the constipation it causes. Please make sure you are taking something to counteract the constipation or you will be stopped up and miserable!!!

All the best to you Becky

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