Re: Duragesic Patch??

From: Robin M (
Sat May 22 19:37:27 2004

Dear Cindy, It usually takes up to 24 hours for the patch to reach max levels. A small amount is absobed through the skin each hour. My pharmasists told me that women should use the patch on the arm, back of the shoulder or front of te shoulder, but not on the hip, as we usually have too much "fat" to absorb it correctly. I was on the patch 2 seperate times and did seem to help. You may still have to take break through meds. You may also have problems with the sticky stuff staying on your skin. Alchol or baby oil will remove it. Also, if your skin gets irritated, you may need to get an allergy spray for it. I hope this information is helpfull. robin >1/04 Testing started for possible metastasis to left sacrum
>2/04 Laparoscopy turned laparotomy to remove left ovary and massive
>3/04 MRI shows right sacrum involvement now

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