Re: pain clinic

From: Judy Kemp (
Sat May 22 19:32:52 2004

Hi Cheryl,

Read your post and just wanted to voice that you are so much more than your job. It is obvious what a good employee you were, and are. Think how many full-bodied workers do not care. They can do it, but they don't because they just don't care. And you do. How many times have you heard attitude is everything. Perhaps your view of yourself at work is NOT as bad as you perceive it to be. It is not your optimal, nor is it what you used to do, but perhaps you are being too hard on yourself - especially on top of these adhesions!

Alot of pain mgt is finding out what works for you and what doesn't. So now you know something that doesn't work for you. I hope your doc thinks of many ways to help you aside of narcotics, Such as meds/behaviors to help with sleep; bio feedback; anti depression meds; muscle relaxers; physical therapy; accupuncture; good nutrition; and whatever else that might benefit you.

I hope you find what works for you, and allows you to be the person you want to be. But it sounds like you have a wonderful supportive family, and I trust your work people realize the gem they have as well. Judy

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