pain clinic

From: Cheryl (
Tue May 18 22:38:26 2004

To Debbie and Brenda, thanks for taking the time to listen, and for your advice, and your research for me. It was very kind of both of you. I went to the pain clinic on 05-13-04. I had intercostal nerve blocks on t-9 through t-12 in my spine. Since the pain block completely wore off on Fri, I have had double the pain. I am taking 2 percocet every 4 hrs just to help take the edge off. I am also now having muscle spasms, or contractions with sharp shooting pain that I have never had before. The pain clinic has no answers for me, and they are sending me back to my family Dr. I feel like no one believes me, and that they all think I am a hypochondriac. How does everyone work under such heavy medications? I can be fired for taking controlled substances on the job. I have to take meds to be able to work. It is such a catch 22 situation. I have been on desk duty since 11-03. I am not fulfilling the duties for my job, and I feel like I am letting everyone down at work, and at home. My family has been very supportive, and I am so fortunate to have them. I guess that I just feel very low right now. 2 years ago I used to be the model employee, and now I really can't be counted on at all. How do other people deal with all of this? I am so ready to throw in the towel, and quit my job. BUT, we need health insurance, and still have one teenager at home. What medications, and or treatments are really working for others? Thanks everyone for listening to me whine. The coolest thing about this message board is that everyone feels like you do, and understands what you are going through and doesn't judge you. THANKS!! Cheryl in Oregon. PS, I appreciate any info that anyone can send me.

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