Re: one way too stop adhesions

From: Tammy Taber (
Sat May 22 19:24:44 2004

Hi there Bruce, How's Julie, is she recovering any better this time than from her prior operations, 20 operations, wow, WOW! I am curious if this particular time has she felt sustantially better since the doctors used Interceed and Spraygel. Are you sure they used SprayGel, it has not been approved by the FDA for use in the US as of yet, so I am wondering where do you live? Please get back to us and let us all know how Julie is doing, she is beyond the 2 month date, I really hope she is still adhesion free, that would be so wonderful! Well let us know, we are anxiously awaiting. Take Care, Pain Free Hugs to You and Yours, Tammy Taber

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