FW: Not knowing what to do.

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So, what were your symptoms of the fistula?

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>From: Pam Amos

> I'm not planning on seeing a doctor
>until I can't take the pain anymore. I don't think
>we can ever get rid of adhesions.

I wish to gently throw some caution into the wind. I have had several decades of surgeries and sail the same boat as many here. BUT, it is very easy to attribute problems and pain to our adhesions. We get so conditioned to blow off Doctors because we know they offer little solution.


We also can develop complications from the adhesions. I speak from experience because I swore the Docs off for years. This Jan. they discovered a "enterocolonic fistula", a perforation communicating between my small and large intestine and causing some malabsorption. A complication of surgeries and or adhesions. My last op was in 1994.....and this fistula popped its head up prolly 2 years ago and was found on the small bowel follow thru Xray even tho I had a normal CT scan.

The blessing was when my case was sent to GI for extensive work up. It gets real easy for the main Doctor to assume adhesions without considering there could be a couple of things going on. My regular Doc was shocked at the finding after treating and managing my pain for 5 years...he was upset he never considered anything else going on and got blinded by the obvious which was adhesions and NEVER considered other things could be going on at the same time.

So honey, my point to everyone is, do NOT swear off Doctors, consider adding some other specialists to your team [GI and colorectal surgeons for consultation], never go to a GENERAL surgeon.

We have to manage our own care, and love yourself enough to be a nusiance :-)))

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