Re: Response to Danielle - Should I have a hyst for adhesions?

Mon May 3 08:21:27 2004

I agree with LaDonna, unless it's a completely necessary, do not have it done. For me, I asked the doctor to remove it if he felt it would help me (my uterus kept adhering to my abdominal wall). My thought was no uterus, no more hooking on to things. (My bladder has always adhered to things - but I knew that I needed my bladder). As it turned out I also had a lot of endo in my uterus, and my thought pattern was flawed. Now my adhesions adhere to other things, more dangerous ones like the bowels and intestines (and god knows what else). So I would recommend keeping what you can and limiting the damage that can be done. I will not have another surgery unless life threatening this is for sure (or unless a miracle happens and they actually come up with something that works and is proven to help in over 50% of the cases).

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