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From: Karla (
Mon May 3 08:02:26 2004

I do not post hardly at all anymore, but wanted to post an update for those whom remain that know me.

Well, I have known this was coming for quite some time now, but reality has decided it needed to set in.

I saw my urologist again today (yesterday was the only day which I hadn't seen one of the doctor's from his office) and received another three shots of antibiotics. My doctor feels that the shots at least have kept me from becoming septic and unless I am that bad, I will NOT go into the hospital. But, he is very concerned that there is no improvement of the infection itself. Getting told by your doctor that you look awful isn't very encouraging.

So, I am scheduled for bilateral renal biopsies tomorrow. The plan is that within the next two weeks they will do my surgery. At this point, they are only planning on removing one kidney as they are hoping that the problems revolve around my right kidney. That is the kidney that causes all of the pain, but it is also the kidney that looks worse on ct. However, if the biopsy shows the same amount of involvement from the left kidney, it will be removed too.

I am scared to death...even though I knew this was coming and actually wanted it to happen soon. I could use your thoughts and prayers.

While my story has not been updated in a very long time (I don't have the energy), feel free to read it on the quilt. There is so much to be gained. If there was ever a "moral" to the story, mine would be that we must avoid surgery at all costs, unless it is an emergency. I think that in our pain and our search for an end to that pain, we forget that we actually can live through that pain and that we can and should avoid surgery as each new surgery makes our adhesions worsen. If you would like to contact me please feel free to write me at:

God Bless! Karla

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