Re: one way too stop adhesions

Thu Apr 29 22:44:05 2004


Please keep the board informed on how she is doing....


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hi everyone, i wrote a couple of times hear on the board about my wife julie, julie was opperated on 13 feb 2004 julie has had now 20 opperations, the last one being for adhesions, julie had so many her doc had to open her from top to bottom, so far :) 2 months on, no pain, her surgeon has used interceed in top part of her tummy and spray gel in the lower part of her tummy, he is trying so hard to rid of them, for more imfo please feel free to write, i will let you all know how julie is going. julie has only small bowel, cant wear a bag, tried no good, julie now has a motility problem with her small bowel, but being the fighter she is getting better every day.

regards bruce

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